Dear [Client],

In response to your request for genealogical research services, this letter, with the accompanying Schedule of Fees and Expenses, describes the agreement between us for these services.  Following review and acceptance of these terms and Schedule of Fees and Expenses, please sign the attached copies and return to me.

Scope of services.  Back To Your Roots, LLC (Deborah Harvey) will [insert specific research question]

The client [client], will provide all information currently in the client's possession and identify any additional information known to the client that may be relevant to the client’s objective.  This will include copies of any reports and any references or source material used in the generation of these reports.  Deborah Harvey will not duplicate any previous research provided, unless additional information or evaluation of the material is required in the course of the research effort.  Copies of any records currently in the possession of the client should be provided to Back To Your Roots, LLC to eliminate unnecessary research.

Work will begin upon receipt of a signed copy of this letter, acknowledging acceptance of the work defined and the Schedule of Fees, the retainer deposit (two hours/$80) as detailed in the Schedule, and the client-provided information described in the previous paragraph.  Expenses to be reimbursed will be for copies of materials, postage, mileage, etc. as detailed in the Schedule of Fees.

The work described herein will be performed as an independent contractor in accordance with prevailing professional standards in genealogy, including the Code of Ethics of the Association of Professional Genealogists, the Code of Ethics adopted by the Board for Certification of Genealogists, and the Standards recommended by the National Genealogical Society.  Copies of these standards are included with this letter.

Any information provided to Back To Your Roots, LLC that is not already a matter of public record will remain confidential.  Information related to living persons and their immediate families will also be treated with discretion.  Any other information provided that is to be treated as confidential information should be identified as such at the time it is provided.  Unless otherwise requested at the start of the project, Deborah Harvey retains the right to utilize the results in publications, articles, books or as case studies in presentations, with acknowledgement of your sponsorship of the research unless you request anonymity.  The results of this research will not be made available to others without your permission and written consent.

Any further distribution or use of the results of this research will credit Deborah Harvey as the researcher.  Back to Your Roots, LLC retains copyright to the final report.  Further distribution will be limited to “fair use” without the permission of Deborah Harvey and Back to Your Roots, LLC.

Any disputes arising out of this agreement will be settled using a mutually agreed upon mediator and will be accepted as final and binding on any decision.

This letter with the accompanying Schedule of Fees reflects the total agreement and replaces any previous agreements between us.  Future changes must be submitted in writing and signed by both parties as an addendum to this letter.

I look forward to supporting your research needs and providing quality services and a quality product.

Sincerely Yours,

Deborah R. Harvey, Professional Genealogist